The solution

TROPHY proposes an Open Platform that will exploit the potential of health-related data in a trustworthy and secure way and will create an integrated care model to foster healthcare self-management to improve multimorbidity patients’ health as well as system sustainability.

To create TROPHY, we have assembled a consortium led by UBIKARE (Spain), an innovative digital health services company, and supported by EURECAT, the reference technological center for R+D activities in Catalonia, Spain.

TROPHY will advance the current state-of-the-art for Multiple Chronic solutions by providing a secured and reliable health management data, putting the patient at the centre of all interactions, where they will decide when and how share their data. TROPHY will also provide a strong platform and features to empower patients in their conditions management, and through gamified strategies accompany in their health improving and addressing not only disease intervention but also psychological and community support. TROPHY also provides a true integrated care experience for patients and professionals, with total flexibility at the time at configuring both the care plans for patients, medical teams (eliminating communication barriers between different professional roles) and will offer family and caregiver participation. It will focus as well on an adaptative scaling approach where the system will adapt contents and interactions to the data reported by patients. TROPHY will provide a seamless transition of a patient between different social and care levels, including a process management approach to reduce unjustified clinical variability.

TROPHY will take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analysis to develop the required intelligent functionalities in the PCP and adapting the platform behaviour in real time depending on the data received, thanks to the vast experience and knowledge of EURECAT in the field of intelligent systems in healthcare.


The promoting team combines, on the one hand, a company such as Ubikare, which has been a pioneer in proposing new health and care models, with experienced professionals in the transformation of care models and who experience first-hand the reality of coexistence of health models, and socio-health and home care models. On the other hand, Eurecat is one of the leading technology centres with extensive experience in innovative projects in the field of health, and thanks to his experience in patient-centred health projects, he has developed a technological solution that will be of value in this project.

On behalf of Ubikare, it should be noted that it has been offering health and home care services for more than four years through its NAIHA technological solution, where it has demonstrated that the model responds optimally to demographic challenges, giving a sign and quality solution while allowing sustainability and resilience of the health and care system.

The consortium is aligned with the standardization initiatives carried out on a European level such as the European Health Data Space or specific initiatives such as GAIA-X or IDSA. Projects such as SMARTMED, AIXIA (STRATEGIC HAZITEK), BAIDATA, AICCELERATE or TRUSTROKE demonstrate the consortium constant efforts in this line.

Motivation and Goals

The consortium is structured by a team committed to the new assistance and care models, which focus on the patient and make it possible to maintain universal and quality health and care system. It is a team that stands out for its innovative character, its commitment to technology as a means and not as an end, and the integration of both technical, social and health profiles, which allows them to have a realistic vision of the needs of end users, and thus build from bottom to top a solution that covers them.

The consortium is committed to the premises of P4 Medicine (Participative, Personalized, Predictive, and Preventive), involving a paradigm shift that will promote managing preventive medicine throughout the health care ecosystem, and we believe these principles are fully aligned with the CAREMATRIX challenge. The integration of tools and processes from a leading innovative company and a reference technology centre has shown successful results in the past and we foresee a great collaboration and an impactful solution in TROPHY.



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