The solution

The optimal management of multiple chronic conditions is a challenge that must be faced to improve healthcare professionals’ conditions and management and the quality of life of people with multimorbidity (PPM), reducing the burden on the healthcare systems.

Facing this challenge means considering the complexity of the different scenarios and offer a holistic and flexible approach to different use cases, where not only concepts related to the specific disorders or pathologies must be taken into consideration, but others related with the care itself, patient and family preferences, socio-economic aspects, locations (urban or rural area), fragility, mental health, etc.

PMMCare+ will provide a digital platform to enable healthcare professionals to coordinate the work of the different roles of the care team in the definition, individualization, and monitoring of the Multi-party Shared Care Plan considering all different conditions and aspects of the care. It will additionally provide visualization features of the patient evolution and facilitate offline and online communication channels between professionals, patients and caregivers.

The platform will allow the involvement of patients and caregivers to define the self-management care plan, maximizing the adherence to the care plan, gathering information from different sources (questionaries, medical devices, wearables, etc.) and share it with the care team, encouraging all roles to actively participate in the process, providing educational contents according to the patient profile, and receiving communications and alerts.

The solution will assure compliance with the applicable regulations, particularly in security and privacy, but also with best practices in terms of interoperability (HL7 FHIR) and data harmonization (OMOP and semantic interoperability).

PMMCare+ will use Antari Professional Care and Harmonization Tool as the core of the services which will be complemented and enhanced with additional technologies, components and AI modules to cover the needs exposed in the CareMatrix challenge.


GMV is a technological business group with an international presence which offers solutions and services in diverse sectors: Aeronautics, Space, Defense and Security, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Transport Systems, Banking and Finance, ICT and Healthcare.

Within the healthcare sector, we have an experience of 20 years designing and building solutions such as insightArthroVR, a virtual reality system for the training of arthroscopic surgery, and medical devices such as Radiance, the first intraoperative radiotherapy planner (RIO), or Antari Professional Care, our remote consultation and patient monitoring platform.

Our company has been always investing in R&D activities to develop and enhance our solutions that, together with the contribution of European R&D funded projects, has allowed us to adapt and enhance our solutions to the specific needs of physicians, specialists and patients, validating them in multiple clinical studies.

GMV has also successfully participated in several European projects and consortiums, like HARMONY, OPTIMA, MOPEAD, BACK-UP, or eTRANSAFE, among others. These engagements demonstrate our exceptional proficiency in the design and implementation of solutions for healthcare.

Our experience in participating in these large consortiums/EU projects is a clear indication of our commitment to driving healthcare advancement through technological innovation.

Motivation and Goals

Our goal at GMV within the healthcare sector aims to improve the quality of life of patients and facilitate them to have better and individualized care, applying our solutions together with our experience, technologies, and lessons learned from the different sectors and projects we have been participating in.

Our motivation relies on having a real impact on the people and health services, delivering value to the society by enhancing and widening the set of tools that healthcare providers have to provide care to their patients and the set of services that patients and caregivers can access to actively participate in their own care.

Our team is passionate about being part of CareMatrix and to contribute to improve such a complex process as the optimal management of multiple chronic conditions. The road we have just started, where innovative ideas about user-friendliness of functionalities are created, the design of the processes and digitalization of the information, data sharing and communication channels, bringing digital solutions to remote areas, or how to actively engage patients to their care plan is exciting and a challenge we are very happy to go through. And these are only some of the aspects to consider in the solution design.



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