The solution

The HOPE-CMX project is a revolutionary ecosystem that aims to transform healthcare and welfare effectiveness by providing an individualized care plan for patients with multimorbidity. Developed by ADDI Medical and CompuGroup Medical, HOPE-CMX will integrate various screening and treatment tracks into an automated system that allows patients and healthcare professionals to collaborate using patent-granted and patent-pending technologies.

With the HOPE App for patients and the HOPE Practitioner web application for healthcare professionals, HOPE-CMX will act as a hub that connects different systems, smart devices, and healthcare professionals in different settings. The platform is modular and has several service functions, including robotic decision support, secure chat, video, digital library, and graphic visualization, to easily communicate with and involve the patient in their healthcare journey.

HOPE-CMX will provide decision support by calculating data from patients, healthcare professionals, smart devices, and external health systems, notifying professionals when resources need to be transferred to patients in need of additional care. The platform also supports the atomization of care processes, monitoring, and calculations.

The patient gets a gateway to equal care, consisting of different coordinated diagnostic care processes in a common individualized flow. HOPE-CMX will allow patients and doctors to create, communicate, and follow up on automated individual care plans, making patients with multimorbidity co-producers of healthcare at a distance.

In summary, HOPE-CMX is a game-changing ecosystem that aims to revolutionize healthcare and welfare effectiveness by providing an individualized care plan that enables patients and healthcare professionals to collaborate using innovative technologies, making healthcare more efficient, accessible, and patient-centred.


The team at the organization is comprised of highly experienced individuals in the field of medical informatics and e-health, each with their unique expertise that adds value to the project. For instance, our project coordinator is a serial entrepreneur and a prior professor in e-health at Karolinska Institutet. She has built up a wealth of experience to develop e-health solutions from industry, scientific and regional/national perspectives.

Our project lead on the other hand, brings in-depth knowledge and long experience in e-health and development, having worked in the private and public sectors for over 30 years, in a number of different leading positions for the development and introduction of a number of regional/national e-health projects.

Additionally, the team boasts of a Business Development Manager, Commercial Product Manager/Sales Specialist, Nordic Manager Training & Application, Clinical Application Specialist, and Medical Technology Responsible Nurse, among others, each with extensive experience in e-health and medical technology.

With such a highly experienced and diverse team, the consortium can leverage its knowledge and experience to provide world-class solutions to the healthcare sector. Their expertise ensures that they can create solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, streamlining care, and improving patient outcomes.

Motivation and Goals

Our team is passionate about solving the challenge identified by CareMatrix, which we have been working on throughout our long professional lives. We are excited about this project as it gives us the opportunity to achieve our goals with our solutions and deliver on larger and more complex projects to a larger number of users, with both patients and healthcare professionals and researchers. Our robotic platform HOPE CMX, with secure monitoring, will significantly improve the baseline for better and safer treatment/care. It enables rapidly developed automated care flows with patient interaction and monitoring, increasing efficiency and availability of care.

This procurement is one of the most innovative and attractive we have seen, creating significant benefits in efficiency and data quality through collaboration, relieving complex healthcare work and creating greater value for patients and society. This project gives us an opportunity to achieve our goals and deliver on larger, more complex projects for patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers, creating new and better collaborations while developing our team members and organizations.

In summary, our team sees HOPE-CMX making a significant difference in patient care quality and is excited about this opportunity to improve healthcare and create value for patients and society.




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