The solution

Cuviva is a Swedish company with an MDR Class IIa certified remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform, which advances connected care, digital therapeutics and research. By providing a comprehensive and state-of-the-art technology for RPM, the Cuviva RPM Platform allows for systematic generation, collection, processing and visualisation of health data. Together with customers in various levels of healthcare in today Sweden and the UK, Cuviva is engaged in transformation of patient care by enabling greater accessibility to care, improving efficiency for clinicians, enhancing medical quality for patients, and bringing equitability into communities.

In line with the CareMatrix vision, Cuviva firmly foresee that the next generation of patient centric system with integrated care is needed to ensure the delivery of timely and holistic care for patients with multimorbidity (PMM). The CareMatrix challenge offers an elevated approach with further involvement of patients and stakeholders from the healthcare and social care sectors, requiring development of many new integrations, functions and tools to aid the PMM, the informal caregiver, and care providers at all levels of the healthcare system. In order to realize the vision of CareMatrix we will utilize our forefront starting position with MDR Class IIa certified RPM platform for prototyping the next generation of patient centric system for PMM.


Established in 2016, Cuviva has developed a platform, Cuviva RPM Platform, with the primary focus on frail, elderly patients with multimorbidity. These individuals often have little or no digital experience. From the start, Cuviva’s objective was to increase the patients’ feeling of safety and reduce the overall burden of healthcare by integrating state-of-the-art technology to reduce the gap in health disparity amongst the patients that consume the most amount of healthcare resources. Cuviva RPM Platform has evolved to support virtual wards and hospital at home with functionalities for telecommunication, collection and processing of data, transparent assessment and visualisation of data amongst all involved stakeholders. This creates the ultimate starting point for the needed development to meet the CareMatrix vision.

Motivation and Goals

We, the Cuviva experienced team of IT-developers, research experts, clinicians, business developers, regulatory experts, etc., are passionate to solve the CareMatrix challenge because we identify that our efforts and knowhow will contribute to the greater good. Our team’s ambition is to create an ecosystem where the individual will be empowered by better accessibility, efficiency and medical quality which ultimately leads to more equitable healthcare. Being part of a consortium that has a holistic approach for creating the next generation platform fuels our passion and enthusiasm for creating a better future for individuals, healthcare providers, healthcare staff, and our entire community.




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