The solution

With the CareINN solution, the treatment processes of patients with multimorbidity will be carried out in a consolidated manner by creating a work group consisting of all care personnel in the process with a patient-oriented approach, customizing all care processes according to multi-disease management with its smart infrastructure providing some features clinical decision support or travel suggestions. Additionally, it will provide and manage timely service access, provide co-managed care journeys, and implement a comprehensive interdisciplinary support model, in which inter-institutional communication is managed in a fully integrated structure with health institutions radically improving the integrated care of People with Multimorbidity (PMM).


CareINN will provide an end-to-end smart PMM management solution by:

  • Early and comprehensive assessment with a preventive approach
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration team
  • Individualized and patient centred care
  • Continuity of care


CareINN solution will have the following features:

  • A Patient Portal, which is a single interface where patients can view, edit, and manage all their disease-related data.
  • Device Interoperability Adapters, where patients will be able to connect their medical or wearable devices to the system and monitor their data through CareINN solution.
  • An Integrated Care Portal, which is a web-based platform designed to support healthcare professionals in the management of patients with multi-morbidity.
  • The Integrated Care Portal’s shared care planning functionality will be a learning health system.
  • CareINN solution includes a secure messaging system for patients to communicate with their healthcare team, as well as the ability to upload and share documents and test results.
  • CareINN solution patients will be able to view and schedule appointments with their healthcare providers, as well as request referrals to specialists.
  • Drug management tools that allow patients and healthcare professionals to record and monitor the prescribed drugs and to remind patients according to their care plan.
  • A module that will make recommendations on patients’ travel plans.


At INNOVA, we have developed many different projects with scope of care plan management and we had conducted R&D studies about integrated care plan within the scope of these projects.

One of the most important one of these projects is HICAMP ARC. HICAMP ARC is an intensive care system developed by INNOVA using completely in-house resources. With HICAMP ARC physicians can create treatment and care plans for patients and assign tasks to healthcare professionals accordingly. Also, procedures within the current treatment plan such as examination, treatment, consultation, surgery, and order can be tracked on a process-based timeline and physicians can easily manage patient visits, patient history, comparison of patient results, scale and scoring, care, and treatment plans on a user-friendly interface.

Another important project is NeyimVar?. Through the NeyimVar? (E-Triage), the person is asked questions related to the main complaint they have specified. The answers given by the patient to these questions, their previous illnesses and tests conducted are evaluated by the artificial intelligence in the application to determine possible diagnoses. In the final stage, the clinic that the patient needs to go to is recommended and they are directed to the Central Physician Appointment System to make an appointment. 

Motivation and Goals

At INNOVA, we have always aimed to develop high-value-added applications using up-to-date technologies. For this purpose, we used machine learning-supported artificial intelligence infrastructure in applications such as HICAMP ARC and NeyimVar, which is developed for the Turkish Ministry of Health. By developing platforms that millions of people benefit from, we believe we have made positive contributions to public health.

We are excited to be a part of the CareMatrix and R&D studies that we will conduct to use the latest technologies in the development of the CareINN application. The valuable information we will obtain during these R&D studies, which will be of great value to INNOVA, will contribute to the implementation of the studies that we plan, to eliminate the difficulties experienced in the care of multimorbidity patients. Obtaining the latest technology information, our positive interventions on people’s health, and reducing high costs in the healthcare system will motivate us in this project. We aim to develop the project to its final phase with this motivation.

Moreover, we believe that the competencies we acquire in this project will inspire us to other challenges in the healthcare field. For these reasons, we believe that we will remain committed to this project.




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