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Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech is Norway's largest health cluster. We are a not-for-profit member organization with nearly 270 members who represent the full value chain in health. We foster innovation and creative thinking by helping to promote new products and services that meet the needs of the health sector. Our goal is to improve the quality of treatment and care by development and industrialization of world-class health solutions through our members and ecosystem. Technology is at the heart of our work. 
Region Skane

Region Skåne

Region Skåne is the Regional County Council of Skåne. It has the collective responsibility for the public health care system, community planning, environmental and climate issues and regional economic development, including for example innovation and growth, regional infrastructure, digitalisation, culture and public transport. Healthcare is also the largest business area in the Region of Skåne. Together with the work for increased public health, outstanding research and a large Scanian industry in medicine and medical technology, it forms a broad spectrum of health-related activities that Region Skåne works with. Region Skåne has a long track record of involvement in triple helix constellations for innovation, and science, in particular with respect to medical devices.
Vestre Viken

Vestre Viken Hospital Trust (VVHF)

Vestre Viken Hospital Trust (VVHF) is among the largest hospital trusts in Norway and has eight divisions including four somatic hospitals. Employing about 9,500 workers, VVHF holds local and specialist hospital functions for a population of 500,000 people in 22 municipalities. It gives hospital services in a large area, putting it at the forefront of decentralized health services and remote care. The hospital trust offers a complete range of treatment services within the fields of mental health and substance abuse. VVHF has a large number of ongoing research and innovation projects within health. VVHF is also building a new hospital in Drammen. The hospital will cover 122,000m2 with a total budget of 1 billion EUR and will be finished in 2025. VVHF is focusing on innovation within patient flow, logistic and re-design of services for the new hospital.


The Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF) was created in 2002 by the Department of Health. It is a foundation of the public sector of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi, dependent on the Department of Health of the Basque Government. The Foundation constitutes a framework for collaboration, cooperation and communication between the different sectors involved in health research and innovation at the different regional, state, and international levels. BIOEF helps to base health and intersectoral programs and policies, to provide the Health System with greater competitiveness and quality and contribute to the generation of wealth and socioeconomic development in the Basque Country.

International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)

IFIC is a not-for-profit network incorporated as a Stichting in the Netherlands. IFIC’s mission is to cross organisational and professional boundaries in order to bring people to together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care in policy and practice. IFIC seeks to achieve this through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, clinicians, policy-makers and people who use services, alongside their carers and families throughout the world. A key focus of IFIC is to act as a research hub in partnership with its members and external academic centres internationally. The Foundation’s network extends across the globe with more than 30 international knowledge partners and the recent creation of IFIC collaborative centres in Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Canada.
Innovation Skane

Innovation Skåne

Innovation Skåne is the innovation company of Region Skåne in Sweden. Innovation Skåne’s goal is, through innovation, to contribute to the future public services and regional growth. Innovation Skåne works with Region Skåne's healthcare to create value for patients and employees through change and innovation management. We look at how new innovative technologies can be used in healthcare, and support the introduction of digital solutions in the healthcare, in order to improve Region Skåne’s ability to innovate or improve its capacity to scale and/or stimulate for new innovations. This through; creating guidelines for handling personal data, procurement strategies and innovation procurement as well as innovation methodologies, such as need and impact analysis, service design, policy labs and system transformation, as well as testbed and Living lab.


Osakidetza (Servicio Vasco de Salud/Basque Health System) is the public healthcare system of the Basque Country. It was created by the Health Department of the Basque Government in 1983. All the public hospitals and primary care of the Basque Region are under this organization. The Basque Health System includes 14 hospitals, more than 100 primary care clinics organised through four different geographical areas, apart from the Mental Health Centres, Emergencies and Basque Transfusions and Human Tissue Centre. More than 30.000 professionals work for Osakidetza, which could be considered the biggest organization of the Basque Country.


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