Call for tender

Tender applications now closed

This tender calls for a technological solution that will support integrated and person-centred care for people living with the complexity of multimorbidity. Current process-based and siloed care systems are designed to focus on individual health issues, but this does not reflect the real world faced by people with multiple diagnoses. CareMatrix aims to streamline care and eliminate unnecessary appointments and interventions by creating an ecosystem that allows health and care providers to treat patients holistically.

November 2022 webinar

In November we held an interactive webinar to discuss the details of the tender, the application process, and answer questions.

A recording of that webinar can be viewed here:

Our eight design priorities are:

Continuity with a primary care professional

Collaborative care planning and shared decision making

Case management for people with complex needs

Co-located services or a single point of access

Transitional or intermediate care

Comprehensive care along the entire pathway

Technology support to enable continuity and care coordination

Building workforce capability

Watch our short video explaining the Multimorbidity challenge

The costs to the EU each year from Multimorbidity are growing:

EUR €700+billion

The cost of chronic disease management

2% GPD loss

EU GDP from 4 NCD’s15 alone

We have also identified the following building blocks for improvement for people with multimorbidity:


Recordings of our previous OMC webinars are available at the following links:

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