November 22 2021

Video of Norway OMC live event

Recorded 22 November 2021

12:00 Networking and lunch
12:30 Welcome
12:35 CAREMATRIX main challenges and identified needs around care for patients with multimorbidity
• Building blocks
• Use cases
13:00 Pre-Commercial Procurement as a tool. Characteristics and advantages.
13:15 CAREMATRIX PCP phases and tender process
13:30 Break
13:45 Q&A and feedback session
14:45 CAREMATRIX Open Market Consultation and Next Steps
• OMC local and international events
• Matchmaking and consortia building
• RFI questionnaire
15:00 Closing

Format: In Person

Host: Norway Health Tech

Place: Norway Health Tech, Meeting room Hagen, Forskningsparken, Gaustadalleen 21
N-0349 Oslo

Date: Monday November 22 2021

Time: 12:00 – 15:00 CET

Website: Norway Health Tech

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Norway OMC slide deck
Norway OMC slide deck