Basque Country OMC Webinar

Basque OMC video

On November 19, 2021, the Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF) organised the first local webinar of the Open Market Consultation (OMC) of the CareMatrix project.

This webinar aimed at raising awareness about the ongoing project and its progress, the main identified challenges and needs around care for People with Multimorbidity, the PCP process and future tender, as well as the next steps in the OMC.

The webinar, held in Spanish, targeted potential suppliers of solutions that could contribute to addressing the CareMatrix challenges, as well as any other stakeholder interested in improving care for people with multimorbidity. A total of 33 people attended the Basque Country OMC webinar, 45% of which were MedTech/ICT companies. Among the attendees there were also representatives from research organisations, health care providers, public agencies/departments, care professional associations, MedTech companies’ associations, innovation system’s intermediary organisations, and consultation services.

CareMatrix Challenges and Needs

The first session of the webinar was devoted to presenting the main needs for improving care for People with Multimorbidity as identified by the CareMatrix consortium in the three participating regions/sites: Region Skåne (Sweden), Basque Country (Spain) and Vestre Viken Hospital (Norway).

BIOEF presented the five interrelated Building Blocks into which the identified needs/areas for improvement have been classified, and which are described in the CareMatrix’s “Report on insights, needs and key challenges”.

The list of five Use Cases identified within the CareMatrix project were also presented. These Use Cases are to be understood as generalised areas of interest. They are to serve as insight and examples of how the Building Blocks could be addressed. It is expected that through the dialogue with potential suppliers and other relevant stakeholders during the OMC process, the CareMatrix project’s consortium will be able to further define, specify and/or change the initially suggested functionalities.

PCP Process

BIOEF explained the characteristics, advantages, and phases of a Pre-Commercial Procurement process, and provided concrete and concise information on the CareMatrix PCP process.

OMC process

The CareMatrix OMC process, which started with the publication of the Prior Information Notice (PIN) in June 2021, will last until the end of January 2022. At the Basque Country OMC webinar, BIOEF announced the next steps and opportunities for interested stakeholders to participate in the CareMatrix OMC process. These included an International OMC webinar, an online Request for Information Questionnaire, Matchmaking which offers the possibility to seek for international partners with whom to apply in a joint tender, as well as to ask Questions to the CareMatrix Consortium.

Questions and Answers

The Basque Country OMC webinar also allowed for Questions being asked by attendants. All the Q&As exchanged during this webinar, jointly with those exchanged at the other CareMatrix local and international OMC webinars, will be published in English in the “PCP Questions” space.

All the information and material on the Basque Country OMC Webinar, including the video recording of the whole session and the slides used for the presentation, are available at the project’s website.