Ubikare is currently offering home care services for the elderly in person. These services are carried out by professionals relying on a technological platform capable of proceeding and automating a comprehensive diagnosis that automatically generates intervention plans. It is a service focused mainly on users with a moderate to high level of dependency and multimorbidity, but the objective is to offer ubiquitous care regardless of age or pathology. Ubikare has developed NAIHA a tool that allow automating a comprehensive diagnosis that automatically generates intervention plans. This tool provides user-centered coordinated care between all professionals (nurses, physiotherapist, psychologist,..) allowing providing ubiquitous care with an hight standard level of quality and in a cost effective way.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

Ubikare currently has a technological solution validated in the market that largely covers the requirements of the call, in addition to having professionals capable of offering the service in the piloting phase.

Areas of cooperation sought​

The areas of collaboration would be:

– Companies providing home health care services to cover the pilots in Sweden and Norway.
– Specialists in specific pathologies (diabetes, COPD, heart failure,…) who can help to generate innovative care plans.
– Companies with devices that can add value to the care plans to be developed.

Organisation details

Organisation type:

Medtech/ICT company

Organisation size:

Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)

Headquarters country​:




Contact details

Contact person:

Iker Perez de albeniz

Job title:

Innovation Manager

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