Merative is a data, analytics and technology partner for the health industry, including providers, health plans, employers, life sciences companies and governments. With trusted technology and human expertise, Merative works with clients to drive progress. Merative helps clients orient information and insights around the people they serve to improve decision-making and performance.Merative, formerly IBM Watson Health, became a new standalone company as part of Francisco Partners in 2022.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

Merative focus on delivering innovation and technology that improves patient citizen outcomes through the co-ordination of health & social care activity in a patient centric model. For patients with multiple morbidities. The effective co-ordination of health and social care activities is critical to enhancing value driving and improving care outcomes.Care organisations and other social protection organisations traditionally operate independently. While referral systems do exist between health and social agencies, often this takes the form of a handover rather than continuous service provision.Users (patients / citizens / carers) can be left to navigate a fragmented service landscape alone. And while health and social organisations strive to avoid this scenario, when it occurs it can introduce delays to care, increased cost and poorer outcomesThe Merative CHSO model enables different agencies to better co-ordinate services, co-create support packages, and help users engage multiple services with greater ease and confidence.Such services reach far beyond hospitals, local surgeries, and social services; the range includes charities, voluntary organisations, individual carers, training agencies, counsellors, and even employment services. CHSO means embracing both functional co-ordination and technological transformation across multiple services.

Areas of cooperation sought​

We would like to work with data/analytics organisations who have expertise in assisting with Use Case 1 – Early identification of people at risk based on a holistic assessment.

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Medtech/ICT company

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Large (> 250 employees and > € 50 m turnover)

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United States


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Gary O'Leary

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International Solutions

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