MedTech20 (NHE Licence AB)

NHE Licence AB holds the intellectual property rights to MedTech20®, a digital survey instrument with scientifically validated questions, developed to measure how a medtech/healthtech product affects the everyday quality of life of patients (Lesén et al., 2017, Int J of Technology Assesment in Health Care).

MedTech20®, is designed to capture the added value beyond any medical effects that such products may have, that often characterizes such products, and that cannot be measured with medical effect-parameters, such as EQ-5D.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

MedTech20® can investigate what contribution a medtech-solution adds to the wellbeing of patients from a holistic point of view. This by generating evidence showing what impact is achieved within 4 different areas: Sense of security, Integrity, Social Participation and Convenience.

MedTech20® offers the possibility to truly take the patient perspective into account, by collecting data in a standardized way that makes comparison between various solutions possible. In doing so, MedTech20® work as an enabler for better and more cost-effective decision-making within healthcare.

Areas of cooperation sought​

To be discussed.

Organisation details

Organisation type:

Evaluators of medical devices and services

Organisation size:

Micro (< 10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)

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Carl Björholt

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Customer Relations Manager

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