Mace & Menter

We specialise in discovery and user centred design for public services. We uncover ways a service or pathway can be improved and how technology might help. We reduce the risk of future project failure and spend public money effectively.We have extensive NHS experience, working with NHE England Transformation Directorate and various ICSs.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

Design expertiseResearch expertiseExtensive credentials in design for health services

Areas of cooperation sought​

We excel at uncovering the issues that need solving, gaps and pain points. We prototype, test and design solutions to meet user needs.We don’t do any development, we don’t have technologists on the team, so we often partner with larger technology firms or in-house teams.

Organisation details

Organisation type:

Used centred design and user research

Organisation size:

Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)

Headquarters country​:

United Kingdom


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Sam Menter

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