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Innovation Partners (Europe) AB (Noui)

The company is launching a real-time bladder monitor using electric signal transmission capacitance coupling method to compare the signal strengths and estimate fluidity of the bladder. It notifies caregivers the time to empty the bladder. It is built on a simple electronic construction and tiny size on the underclothing pocket. The electrodes can be integrated into textile computing to ensure an extra comfort for patients with dementia. Currently, we are at the prototyping stage.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

Retirement homesAt the nursing homes (retirement homes), there are certain patients who are continuously catheterization on daily basis, (Intermittent catheterization). However, if they get notification that their bladder is full or not, or excessive amount of urine, they can do well-being in natural way or with an assistance by a care giver. Without utilizing intermittent catheterization, it would be significantly cost effective and it reduces urinary tract infection by catheterization, usage of antibiotics and absorbent costs and excessive wastage.HospitalsThe hospital staff need to know the exact timing for cystometry, catheterization to empty the bladder. Almost of all patients using catheter or diapers are infected therefore catheterization process should be optimized to reduce infection rates and cumbersome treatment. If all patients wear our device (flat ans small on underclothing pocket), it is easy to identify the at-risk patients for the further checking or treatment. The delayed treatment causes the cost and progressive disease.

Areas of cooperation sought​

At retirement homes and at hospitals, we would like to document the patient’s journey before and after. How many patients could remove intermittent catheterization and prevent from suffering urinary infection at the retirement homes (perhaps with large bladder and bowel issue companies?). At hospitals, we may work with 3D ultrasound as our solution makes a primary detection. We would like to work with nurses, physiotherapists, caregivers, and urologists.

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Medtech/ICT company

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Micro (< 10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)

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Kyoko Jansson

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