INESC TEC is a private non-profit research institution, dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies. Created in 1985, INESC TEC is currently the largest ICT R&D institution in Portugal hosting over 700 researchers (~350 holding a PhD). R&D and technology transfer activities are carried out in 13 Research Centres, organized into 4 Research Domains: Computer Science, Industry and Innovation, Power and Energy and Networked Intelligent Systems.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

INESC TEC is a Research Institution, that is organized (among other structures) into Research centers and laboratories and we would like to highlight the Biomedical Engineering research center (C-BER) (~40 researchers). The mission of the Centre for Biomedical Engineering Research (C-BER) is:
-To promote scientific knowledge excellence through fundamental and applied research, advanced training and innovation in Biomedical Engineering;
– To create interdisciplinary knowledge enabling the innovation and technology transfer with economic impact;
-To develop bioengineering methods, products and tools for the prevention, early detection and diagnosis of different types of diseases, aging-related impairments, rehabilitation, occupational health and wellness;
– To contribute to the development of advanced neuro‐technologies at the frontier of engineering and neuroscience;
– To promote internal synergies and strategic partnerships with other Centres of INESC TEC, clinical partners, research institutes, medtech companies & startups and foster international cooperation.
CBER has 3 Labs with relevant R&D work:
1) BioImaging Lab– ophthalmology; Lung CAD; CAGE; Cardiovascular imaging; Multiscope; Capsule Endoscopy;

2) BioInstrumentation Lab – Smart Sensing: sensors, electronics and devices for biosignal acquisition, processing and analysis; Wearables: seemless monitoring systems and technologies; Edge AI: Embedded computational vision and movement analysis;

3) BRAINLlab Brain Imaging (& Signal); Man‐Machine Symbiosis; Movement Analysis in Neurological Diseases; Neurosurgery Aiding Technology; Macro-2-nano Bio(neuro)sensing.

For this tender in particular we would like to highlight our novel developed mobile technology, including our health sensor devices, that allows to monitor patients’ symptoms (at home and in clinical environment), give alert to perform prescribed tests and medications and also send data, in real time to healthcare professionals. It also includes a web platform that aggregates the data and provides healthcare professionals with a record of the clinical evolution of patients. Besides this technological solution was tested with patients with Parkinson Disease, this solution is versatile and scalable and largely covers the requirements of the call. The first scientific publication of this system was recently presented at MELECON 2022 conference ( ) and own the prize of best paper. We believe this system can be easily integrated into other existing medical systems. Beside this system, CBER as other biomedical systems that might be of high relevance of this tender focus on cardiovascular screening and monitoring using proprietary wearable devices and AI-based algorithms. A strong knowledge on patient movement based on computer vision for gait analysis (several diseases, including screening of rare diseases – paramyloidosis), epileptic seizures quantification/classification and rehabilitation at home.

Moreover, INESC TEC solid governance structure, research strategy and knowledge management, is supported by relevant services/departments that can also provide important support in this tender – Ethical Commission and a code of ethics department Data Protection Officer; IP Protection Office (holds the European IP Helpdesk in Portugal); INESC TEC Brussels Hub (European reference organization in strategic areas), Legal Support service, Open data repository (compliance with CKAN)) and TEC4Health (health industry partnerships and technology transfer department). These internal services/departments has been of high value to follow-up our research by giving continuous advice and support.

Areas of cooperation sought​

We are mainly looking for Healthcare industries, and all relevant actors of the healthcare ecosystem (including patients and their organisations, carers, regulators, health care providers and professionals specialized in specific pathologies (e.g. diabetes, heart diseases, depression…). We need partners that could act as testdbed for our technology.

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Research Organisation

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Large (> 250 employees and > € 50 m turnover)

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