Help-Doctor – telemedicine for clinics and medical offices, 24h at your disposal
Help-Doctor is offering 24-hour access to specialists – doctors and nurses – as 24-hour access to healthcare & patient and waiting room management of doctors’ practices for clinics & doctors’ offices, also Smartphone-App or PC, e.g. for elderly people in AAL or people living on rural counties.

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Benefits for doctors using digital applications like Help-Doctor :
The use of medical applications, such as Help-Doctor , brings several benefits to medical institutions and doctors. The key ones include:

1. Individual visit calendar
One of the most critical elements in the work of every doctor, nurse etc. is a calendar presenting a schedule of visits. Using modern medical applications, such as Help-Doctor , it takes just a few clicks to inform patients about the hours when the doctor is available and encourage them to make appointments.

2. Medical records in one place
Each physician using the Help-Doctor service receives access to electronic medical records of each of their patients. In this way, all necessary information is always available, regardless of place and time, which speeds up the diagnosis.

3. Fast payment
Using the m-Health application also has a positive impact on doctors’ finances. Verification of conducted visits is fast, which makes it easy to perform summaries, and payments for completed visits are quickly transferred to physicians’ accounts.

4. Guaranteed promotion
The use of medical applications, such as Help-Doctor , eliminates the need for specialists to promote services individually. Each of the doctors who set up an account in the service can precisely describe their specialization and indicate the types of diseases they deal with. Thanks to this, patients can quickly find the doctor they need and order an appointment.

5. Access to patient database 24h/7
Mobile applications work regardless of place and time. Practically all of us use a smartphone. This allows patients to make appointments remotely whenever they need it. For doctors, this means one thing – more frequent meetings with patients, the possibility of improving qualifications through practice and greater profits.

Main advantages:
– Help-Doctor is capable to serve not only doctors – also nurses, physiotherapists, carers of the elderly people – in a word: any specialty of medical personnel
– Help-Doctor is able to offer all medical services in one mobile application:
– home and remote visit appointment (ad-hoc and regular),
– direct contact via application,
– monitoring of: healing / treatment progress, history of completed visits etc.,
– fulfilment of e-prescription
– Help-Doctor offers unique functionalities, e.g.: geolocation of available medical personnel / patient, family accounts, scoring
– Help-Doctor can be flexibly implemented – either in cloud or on premise, next to or in conjunction with existing medical systems

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Mentoring, network, programs for funding, free startup exhibition at trade fairs; clinics, healthcare providers & IT

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Medtech/ICT company

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Micro (< 10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)

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Robert c. Brunner

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