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We have developed a CE-marked digital tool that supports the assessment and follow up of cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, that cause dementia. Its made available via an app for patients and relatives and supported by a separate interface for healthcare professionals. This enables increased patient access, improved clinical precision in the assessment and reduced resource needs for healthcare.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

We are currently expanding in several healthcare regions and have shown that our tool can make significant change by supporting new ways of working. Early detection and treatment of cognitive disease is having significant impact on quality of life and life expectancy. Being one of the absolute most expensive disease areas, making sure to detect and provide appropriate care for people with early stage dementia (Mild Cognitive Impairment) has great effect on patient outcomes, also affected by other diseases.

Areas of cooperation sought​

We would like to find collaborations where we can contribute with our capability to enable earlier detection, for larger patient groups and ensure a more correct diagnosis. This could be as part of eg:
– Health check-ups for e.g. 70 year-olds
– Screening as part of other disease areas or risk groups
– Integrated part of other health intervention program to monitor cognitive status
.. or any other healthcare activity that benefit from simplified testing / assessment via digital device to measure cognition, symptoms development and anamnesis including screening for e.g., depression etc.

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Medtech/ICT company

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Micro (< 10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)

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Rickard Forsman

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