CogniHealth Ltd

CogniHealth was born out of both the founder’s professional background in neuroscience and my personal experiences of seeing families struggle with dementia.

The vision at CogniHealth is to create a world where families affected by any of the long-term conditions, like dementia, are empowered to deliver informed care and make the support they need and deserve more accessible.

Our flagship product, CogniCare. It is an award-winning app supporting families affected by dementia. The solution acts as a digital companion for family carers looking after someone with dementia. This digital companion brings all aspects of dementia care onto one platform and enables personalised and preventative care. It provides access to resources, activities, and support services. Carers can also track changes in dementia symptoms, which enables families to capture data in a systematic way, data that otherwise goes unrecorded. This empowers them to better understand their situation, receive personalised support, and co-plan with their doctor.

Our newest product, Care N Share, addresses the challenges of formal carers who deliver care at home and care homes. It is a digital companion for these formal carers to learn, communicate, and coordinate care seamlessly in real time. By giving carers this solution, we empower them to have more control and confidence over care delivery.

Both our solutions are geared towards improving the quality of care people receive and empower carers and ensure they look after themselves in the process.

We were able to expand the company to offer digital health and social care services within the last two years. Our network of healthcare professionals and academics were looking for support in bringing their ideas and research to life so we thought it was a great opportunity to offer services like running ideation workshops and user research to software development and deployment to them given our experience. Our customers included the University of Edinburgh, NHS Lothian and an independent company called CM-DAT. All the projects we have taken on are in line with our vision.

Value our organisation can add in a joint tender​

* Experience with collaborative working in a cohort of corporates, academics, charities and healthcare professionals
* End – End experience of bringing a solution to market from ideation to deployment
* Understanding of the social care sector with previous extensive engagement with patients, carers, care providers etc.

Areas of cooperation sought​

We are a SME so looking for a larger organisation

Organisation details

Organisation type:

Digital health & social care

Organisation size:

Micro (< 10 employees and ≤ € 2 m turnover)

Headquarters country​:

United Kingdom


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Pooja Jain

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