CINTESIS – Center for Health Technology and Services Research

CINTESIS – Center for Health Technology and Services Research is an important Research & Development Unit (R&D) whose mission is to find answers and solutions, in the short term, to relevant health problems, without ever losing sight of the cost-benefit ratio.
Hosted at the University of Porto, CINTESIS takes pride in its multicenter, decentralized and flexible nature grounded in 46 partner institutions (29 Higher Education institutions, 12 hospitals/health institutions and 5 health companies) and 8 Higher Education institutions acting as hubs, namely, 5 universities (University of Porto, Nova University of Lisbon, University of Aveiro, University of Algarve, University of Madeira) and 1 Polytechnic Institution (Nursing School of Porto).
Altogether, the center aggregates over 500 researchers, in 24 research groups working in 3 main thematic lines: Preventive Health and Societal Challenges (TL1), Clinical and Translational Research (TL2), and Health Data and Decision Sciences & Information Technologies (TL3).

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Promote and integrate basic, clinical, and applied research, with the objective of accelerating the cycle of translational research, namely through the improvement of technology transfer to health and/or healthcare innovation sectors.

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AgeingC is a multidisciplinary group of CINTESIS constituted by sixty researchers who focus their study on two areas: a) Social & Behavioural Gerontology (i.e. ageing process, policy and services), and b) Clinical Gerontology & Geriatrics (for example, frailty, mental health and dementia, family care, use of new technology for an independent life and the well-being of the elderly).
The objective is to develop and implement actions that increase the individuals’ empowerment, closely engaging health and education institutions and establishing the necessary link with the community’s existing resources. Likewise, the group seeks to develop and implement new care models (integrated care leading to efficiency gains) and novel approaches for the elderly, in accordance with current knowledge on the ageing process and the best practices in Gerontology and Geriatrics.

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Research Organisation

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Small (< 50 employees and ≤ € 10 m turnover)

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Pedro Rocha

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